Should I use cages with my puppy?

Should I use cages with my puppy?

A cage, or create, is a commonly used puppy training tool, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. But is it really necessary? And what risks does your dog run if you choose to use a cage? Read all about when and how to choose a dog crate for high anxiety and responsibly use a crate for your puppy or adult dog.

What is a cage, or a crate?

A crate is an indoor cage in which you can enclose a puppy or adult dog. It is often used as a dog house and is widely used to train puppies and prevent destructive behavior. But is it really necessary? What if your puppy suffers from separation anxiety?

Needs training with a cage?

It is a fact that puppies have weak bladders. They often have to pee small and also have to learn to pee outside and not inside the house.

The theory behind the use of the crate in this field is that a dog will learn more easily not to pee inside the house, not wanting to contaminate their ‘nest’. This is corrected to some extent, however, puppies up to 6 months of age will occasionally lose some urine because they can’t help it. By locking them in a cage they will want to put off as long as possible, but this is neither very healthy nor comfortable for the puppy.

Watch for any signs your puppy has that tell you he needs to go outside, and take him out at least every 2 hours. And what about accidents at home? Just use a mop and some organic detergent 🙂 patience is the key when it comes to puppies!

Sleeping in a cage at night?

Many puppies howl, squeak and bark during the day or night when they are alone. They do it because they feel alone: ​​they miss the comfort of their mother and brothers. Don’t let your puppy howl or bark for too long – it can be harmful. Instead, give your puppy the option to sleep in different places, preferably close to you. This will give him a feeling of security and confidence – instead of loneliness and stress. Never punish the dog for these normal emotions, but instead, put him at ease.

Also try to find out what sounds and verses mean: “I have to pee!” so you can also help your puppy go to the bathroom at night.


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